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About Shalom Hill Farm

Our Organization

On the prairies of southern Minnesota lies Shalom Hill Farm, a spiritual year-round retreat center. the farm sits atop a prominent ridge, which overlooks God's creation in all directions.


The word shalom is from an ancient Hebrew word for peace. Peace toward the surrounding land, animals, neighboring farming families, Native American neighbors and visitors, and all who come to experience for themselves the renewing power of Jesus Christ's shalom. Summer and winter, Shalom Hill Farm offers rest and enrichment.

Our Mission

Shalom Hill Farm is a retreat center with purpose, extending simple and gracious hospitality through kind and caring staff. We invite you to be enriched through worship, liturgy and music, daily prayer, poetry, and new venues for spiritual reflection and renewal.

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Spiritual Spaces and Places

Jesus talks about losing life, becoming selfless, to gain it. The places and spaces at Shalom Hill Farm support "self-less" worship reflection. Our nontraditional spaces encourage and nourish your faith in a new setting, in all seasons.

Our purpose is to provide places of spiritual connection for all, advocate and educate for rural life and ministry, and educate and inspire for creation care.

Our History

What started as a simple farm with a stone cottage was transformed in 1992 as a retreat center and working farm. Shalom Hill Farm carries the spirit of the sacred cycle: planting, harvest, storm, sun, snow. We see the paradox of God all around: God's immensity in the space and openness of farm and field; and God's personal care for the people and the many domestic and wild animals in and around the farm. 


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Help us restore and maintain this beautiful retreat center by volunteering your time and talents. Get in touch with us for more information about how and when to help us nurture God's creation on the prairie.


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